Cambridge vs CAPS/IEB

There is such a large number of parents who are looking into moving from the South African curriculum to the British International Curriculum. I do however feel that a lot of parents are not familiar with the difference between the two curriculums.

Over the years since the British International Curriculum has being introduced in South Africa, I find myself amazed with the Cambridge Curriculum and the difference between it and our South African Curriculum.

The biggest difference for me is not only the academic gap between the two curriculums i.e I often look at some of the content for a Year 2 student (Cambridge) for example and I think to myself , the average Grade 2 on the South African curriculum would never be able to do this but also the difference in the work itself. The South African curriculum does not encourage critical thinking while the Cambridge Curriculum requires critical thinking in order for students to be successful.

That being said, I think it is also very important for parents who are looking to move from CAPS/IEB to Cambridge to realise that the Cambridge Curriculum is an international curriculum, therefore I always say to parents that if there is no plans of emigration, you need to ask yourself what are your reasons for wanting to move your kids to the British International Curriculum.

Don’t get me wrong, it is really a great curriculum, I do think that it a curriculum most suited for students with strong academic foundations and who are bored with the South African Curriculum or even who find the South African Curriculum too easy. I am not saying don’t move to the Cambridge Curriculum, all I am saying is make sure that you understand the full picture. Make sure your child can handle the jump from CAPS/IEB to Cambridge Curriculum. Know where the road will lead your kids which is an International Matric Qualification (AS) or even (A LEVEL).

It’s no doubt that the British International Matric qualification will open doors which will include the opportunity to study at an international university.


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