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  • As a specialist Private Tutoring Agency, Simply Cambridge Tutors introduces only the most trustworthy and qualified Cambridge experienced tutors in South Africa, We provide tutoring services for students on the British International Curriculum all over the world including South Africa, Mauritius, UK and Other European Countries, Dubai, Kenya and Mauritius to families looking for Cambridge Tutoring assistance for their kids.
  • We also offer the British International Curriculum to students who may be looking for homeschool curriculum or Cambridge Online School. For more information Visit
  • For Private Tutoring, Tutors work in person AT Home or Online, providing Tutoring Assistance to students needing assistance on the British International Curriculum; from a couple of hours a week to full time home schooling. Our priority is to offer you a tutor with specialised experience in Cambridge without compromising on quality which is why our tutors will either be AT Home or Online depending on your location and subject need.
  • The Private Tutors we place have helped students surpass their academic expectations; have inept knowledge of the curriculum, have done hundreds of past papers which is why 97% of our clients highly recommend our services.
  • We understand that your needs are unique, The British International Curriculum (Cambridge) is a specialised curriculum that requires a tutor with experience and in-depth knowledge of the curriculum and syllabus and we only introduce tutors who are a perfect fit for each student.
  • We can’t wait to get you started, to start the process, complete our “Get A Tutor” form.


Thousands of parents have trusted us to introduce them to the perfect tutor, advise them on the appropriate tutoring hours needed for their children, or support their home schooling programme. Simply Cambridge Tutors is completely impartial, so you can trust us to do what’s right for you.


We recognize that the needs of every student vary tremendously, as do the requirements of school entrance exams and national exam boards. When our agency places a tutor, we make sure you receive an expert who is capable of fulfilling these precise requirements.


Our reputation as a private tuition agency is built on our dedication to understanding your requirements and delivering results. Every tutor we introduce provides consistent support, regardless of the difficulties or academic challenges your child faces. From Early Years, Foundations, and GCSE to A Level, we will ensure you receive the support you need.