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This method of education has seen a steady increase in recent years and offers a huge number of benefits to both parent and child. If you have decided to home school, either full-time or just a few days a week, Simply Cambridge Tutors can introduce specialist home schooling tutors, all with a proven track record of delivering results through home schooling.

These tutors can organise and manage every part of your child’s education. From day-to-day learning plans to historical and cultural trips and sports activities, tutors create a professional and focused teaching environment that keeps learning fresh and engaging. Their passion and enthusiasm underpinned with academic excellence and long-term commitment allows tutors to empower your child, helping them to grow in confidence and flourish.

If your child is a budding young athlete or an aspiring musician, we can arrange a selection of regular extra-curricular activities. We can introduce music teachers, art tutors or sports coaches who will work closely with your child to help develop their passions and find suitable classes and clubs in your local area. These are an important part of your child’s social and emotional development. If additional support is required, we can also recommend and introduce emotional psychologists, speech and language therapist specialists.

Tutors can also find suitable classes and clubs in your local area which can be an important aspect of your child’s social and emotional development. We can also recommend and introduce educational psychologists and learning difficulty specialists if additional support is required. When the time comes to re-introduce your child into the school system, our consultants will help you to organise this.

Simply Cambridge Homeschool Tutors can ensure academic continuity for your child if your circumstances require your family to travel frequently, and if you are moving. Our tutors can help with the preparation tests and Exams.


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