Emigration Tutoring Support

Emigration Tutoring  Support 

Are you a family preparing for emigration? At Simply Cambridge Tutors we can help your child prepare for the big day when you emigrate.
Moving from South Africa to the UK will involve a change in curriculums from the South Africa (CAPS Curriculum/IEB) to the British International Curriculum (CAMBRIDGE Curriculum) and which often will involve a huge learning gap for students which is why it is so vital to allocate at least 6-12months to equip and prepare your child for the British International Curriculum.
Our emigration tutoring comes in two options:
  1. The full Cambridge Curriculum for your child’s grade in video lessons.
  2. The full Cambridge Curriculum for your child’s grade + Private Tutoring.
We will allocate a tutor to your child and we will provide you with the curriculum as well and the tutor will work with your child in order to bridge the gap and prepare them for their new academic journey.
With a state of the art learning management system together with our experienced tutors, your child will have everything they need to bridge the GAP from CAPS to British International Curriculum.
Our emigration tutoring support is from Reception to A Levels.


Curriculum Fees

  • Reception-Year 3-(R4500 Video Lessons)
  • Year 4-6- R6000(Video Lessons)
  • Year 6-IGSCE  R8000(Video Lessons)

Our Cambridge Curriculum comes with video lessons, worksheets and activities, quizzes, summaries, revision packs and end of unit assessments.

Students get access to our learning management system for a period of 12 months where the full Cambridge Curriculum will be uploaded.

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